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The CADLAB COLOGNE is an independent high-class training facility focusing on surgical education in conjunction with fresh-frozen human specimen. Our 140m2 wet lab features up to 10 operation tables. We are fully equipped with OR infrastructure including in-house 3D C-arm fuoroscopy, standardized pre- & post-operative CT and MRI imaging. With our partners we can also fulfill your individual needs for surgical instrumentation and medical equipment (e.g., surgical bovies, suction systems, power tools, etc.). Water management and ambient lighting also provides perfect basis for arthroscopy and SportsMed events. Spacious meeting rooms are available overlooking the skyline of Cologne providing an inspirational learning atmosphere with access to our Japanese rooftop garden. We support with add-on services like catering, transportation, washing, complex imaging requests (X-ray/MRI/CT) for R&D events and navigation systems, and seamless management of anatomic human specimen. We offer an overarching one-stop-shop service for up to 60 attendees - there‘s nothing we can‘t support you with. 

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The CADLAB COLOGNE is an independent high-class training facility designed for surgical events on fresh frozen human specimen. The CADLAB COLOGNE offers all infrastructure for a successful event provided by a dedicated team of professionals, and is founded by RIMASYS GmbH. RIMASYS is the world’s sole provider of lifelike fractures in human specimen enhancing surgical education and MedTech R&D.

Wet lab impressions​​

Flooded with natural sunlight, the wet lab extends across 140 m² and can accommodate up to 10 working stations. High ceilings of 4.7 m and fully airconditioned rooms create a comfortable working environment. Natural light is complemented by mobile operation and ceiling lamps but can be fully darkened for keyhole operations. Working stations are radiotranslucent and can be audiovisually connected to the wall screens. Besides surgical soft-tissue tools and instrumentation, all additional requirements can be met upon request.

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Surgical instrumentation 

Most common surgical soft-tissue tools and instrumentations provided. 

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Medical equipment

Suction systems and electosurgical units available. 


Individual branding

Customized graphic on LED wall possibleto promote your branding. 

Arthroscopy SportsMed Courses​​

Open layout of the wet lab offers perfect setup of equipment intensive course formats such as arthroscopy SportsMed and minimal invasive procedures. Efficient water management and even OR-like green ambient light ensure a smooth and productive event.

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Convenient set-up of equipment intensive course formats in OR-like environment

Latest fluoroscopy technology is available through two 3D C-arms in our dedicated X-ray zone. Mobile lead walls allow for easy screening while working without gowns can continue in the lab. We manage dosimetry and special radiation requests with up to six C-arms


High-definition screening and three dimensional cinematic rendering


C-arms can be connected to external screens and navigation devices​​


Two of the latest SIEMENS Healthineers Cios Spin systems are available with 3D technology, supported by carbon tables for artefact free images. Up to six units based upon request.

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Three changing rooms to conveniently get ready, fully airconditioned


Business lounge with space for casual conversations. Coffee and refreshments with a local touch

MedTech Services

Wide range of additional services are available to fulfill all your requirements. Washing and sterilization of your instrumentation and implants can be provided. Permanent storage rooms are available to store your equipment until the next event. We can also coordinate pickup by a logistics partner. We manage the procurement of freshfrozen anatomic specimen and allow for reuse across events to ethically fulfill the wishes of the donor. Complex imaging requests and screening protocols can be fulfilled by our radiology partners.​​​

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Washing & Storage

Providing cleaning of implants and instruments with opportunity to store your equipment at our location.

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Anatomic Specimen
Logistics & Reuse

Managing the cadaveric specimen from procurement to cremation to ethically fulfill the wishes of the donor.


Radiologic Images

Supporting the acquisition of X-ray or CT/MRI images according to your screening protocol

Webinars & video production

Leveraging high ceilings and excellent audio acoustics, the wet lab offers the perfect location for high-quality video generation. Webinars, live streams or surgical techniques can be produced in a studio environment. Our professional video partner can support from planning to postproduction and marketing of your content.

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