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Bundeswehr Krankenhäuser Pilot-Course (German Army Hospitals)

The Bundeswehr Krankenhäuser (Germany Army Hospitals) and The Trauma Academy are working together to pilot a new surgical education course at the Cadlab Cologne this March. This will be the first course where surgeons of the five army clinics will be performing test-procedures on pre-fractured ankle joints to repair Pilon fractures.

This type of injury is commonly seen in extreme sports like skiing where high speeds are achieved. Unfortunately, because of its difficulty to fixate it is historically associated with high rates of complications and poor outcomes. An appropriate treatment is specially relevant for the armed forces.

For this reason, the Trauma Academy and BWK find this an extremely important course. They want to insure a level of mastery among surgeons and improve the success rates for this difficult procedure. Cadlab Cologne is honored to be part of this revolutionary simulation technique that will help turn these numbers around.

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