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Cadlab Cologne re-opens with a new look

Aktualisiert: 28. März 2019

The BioCampus in Bocklemund is buzzing with the excitement of new construction. On the ground floor of the main tower, Cadlab Cologne is ready to reopen after spending the first quarter knocking down walls and completely re-inventing the space. In addition to opening the floor plan and adding new equipment, the Cadlab has redesigned the flow to allow for higher volume medical courses, as well as end to end service for R&D events and sales conferences.

Already the first of its kind in Germany, the Cadlab Cologne continues to provide the best place to host several types of events in the medical field. Improving upon its tradition of providing solutions to a wide array of innovative doctors, surgeons, and device companies. With sights set on being the go-to lab in Germany, the careful planning of the team is reflected by state-of-the-art systems being installed throughout the design.

The now single open floor lab offers double its previous capacity for work stations including table-side 3D scan fluoroscopy, with full audio and video media capabilities and even green ambient light for arthroscopy courses. Clients will walk straight in to a roomy and inviting lab to begin working after a coffee and short safety briefing.

Cadlab Cologne’s official re-inauguration will take place March 21st just one day before the first course of 2019. The staff is very excited to unveil the lab’s fresh look, and hopes the thought and planning is well received during their first event post-construction: AUC - Trauma Academy Ankle Specialist Course.

Staff of the Cadlab can’t wait to introduce the new and improved lab space. Many MedTech companies are looking forward to the relaunch as well. The event calendar is adding bookings each week and may reach capacity for 2019 as early as summer. More info can be obtained by email inquiry to or by viewing the website

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