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Jumping Over the Covid-19 Hurdle

As the world watched the news in early March it was apparent that the novel Coronavirus was not going away. And safety restrictions would undoubtedly change the way we live and work for the unforeseeable future.

As the Cadlab team and Rimasys Group realized this they became aware of an opportunity to show how agile the team is, while also contributing as always to the wellbeing of the Medical community.

With major clients postponing events, and some outright cancelling, the need became apparent to develop a new service offering. Thus, sprang into existence The Film Studio at Cadlab Cologne.

This would be the answer to the question: how can our clients continue educating, innovating, and improving in the MedEd field?

Because of the quick adaptation from the Rimasys Group, the team was able to host the most highly attended digital Surgical Education event in German history (see video below). Uniting surgeons and Practitioners from around the world safely, remotely, and with all the tools to attain specialist level training via the Web.

While there is still uncertainty surrounding the scope and effects of this virus, people can still rest easy knowing Rimasys, Cadlab Cologne and The Trauma Academy are still working hard to Reinvent Surgical Education.

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