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Prof. Pinkwart | Minister of Economics visits Cadlab Cologne

At the end of January, the Cadlab Cologne received a very special visitor from the governing body of North Rhine-Westphalia. Professor Dr. Andreas Pinkwart the Minister for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitization and Energy stopped by to take a tour of the Lab and speak with CEO Jan Jennes.

During his visit Prof. Pinkwart saw the way Cadlab Cologne works together with medical device companies to perform testing on their newest products. He explored a facility built for the advancement of medical technology through research and development. He learned about cutting edge surgical simulation techniques that will help surgeons achieve more success in the operating room.

Part of Prof. Pinkwart’s vision is piecing together the right establishments to form the “Silicon Valley” of Europe in Cologne. And he is interested to see how the Cadlab Cologne fits into the equation. With innovations in the medical field developing at a rapid pace, business to business collaborations mean bigger and more meaningful benefits for the patients, and to Prof. Pinkwart that is the most important thing.

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