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Siemens brings the future of Fluoroscopy to the Cadlab

What a great time to be a bone! The Cadlab Cologne has been partnered with Siemens Healthineers since the beginning for its X-ray solutions and now the two are like peas and carrots. And since Siemens has a new offering for fluoroscopy machines, the Cadlab Cologne is on the cutting edge. Siemens just rolled in their new CIOS SPIN 3-D X-rays and Cadlab’s technical department couldn’t be more pleased with all the amazing possibilities they offer now in imaging.

Now, with some of the most clear and concise images, clients can realize ground-breaking treatment success evaluation, and even intra-operative approach adjustment/strategy redirection - almost making a CT obsolete. With Siemens’s help the lab will now directly transmit all the data straight to the conference rooms for post-OP discussions and follow-up. Ahh.. technology is great!

As another exciting installment, the Cadlab can now offer both dedicated radiation-free space for extremity imaging and table-side fluoroscopy for a course/event requiring continuous use of X-ray imaging (e.g. spinal surgery). For several of Cadlab Cologne clients, Siemens is even providing a dedicated lab tech to support the participants as they use the new technology.

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