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Medical Film Studio

Where Medical Excellence Takes Center Stage

Book our film studio for a seamless blend of professionalism and experienced technicians in the medical field, ensuring your content is captured with precision and authenticity.

What we have to offer

Unleash creativity

Explore our 600m² professional surgical film studio, meticulously designed for dynamic video content creation and cinematic solutions. With three dedicated stages, elite production teams, cutting-edge filming equipment, and green-screen capabilities, the studio offers a versatile space for your creative endeavors. Beyond the main filming areas, discover additional features including a talk show stage, changing rooms, a cozy lounge, restrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, ensuring a comprehensive hub for all your medical content needs. Conveniently located in Cologne, our studio provides the perfect environment for plug-and-play production, supporting various visual content types such as surgical videos, operational guides, product demonstrations, webinars, live streams, scientific sessions, live TV shows, and hybrid congresses and conferences. Unleash your creativity and bring your medical content to life with Cadlab's exceptional studio facilities.

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