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The CADLAB Training Center is an independent high-class facility designed for surgical events on fresh frozen human specimen. The facility offers all infrastructure for a successful event provided by a dedicated team of professionals. Our training center is located in Cologne, Germany, the heart of Europe and could be branded according to your needs.

Our 140m² wet lab features up to 10 fully equipped workstations which include: variable height operating tables, drapes, general instrument kits, specimen mounting solutions and more. Furthermore, we can provide in-house pre-, intra-, and post-operative fluoroscopy courtesy of our cutting-edge 3D imaging capable C-Arms (SIEMENS Cios Spin).
Our spacious meeting rooms (1x90m² + 2x35m²) overlooking the picturesque Cologne skyline boast a robust suite of presentation and conferencing options. Located adjacent to our Japanese rooftop garden, our meeting rooms will cultivate a contemplative and inspirational atmosphere for your events.
Our add-on services include catering, shuttle-service, instrument cleaning and disinfection, 3rd party specialized equipment / instrument rental, complex imaging requests (MRI/CT), as well as seamless procurement, management, and storage of cadaveric human specimens.

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Flexible Space Options


Full Lab

full training center with up to 10 stations for your events and courses with all its associated equipment.


Mini Lab

mini lab with 1-2 stations for simple product demonstrations and R&D purposes


Film Studio

Utilize a professional surgical film studio for video content creation and cinematic solutions.

Inside the studio you will find all the necessary options to produce and direct professional medical content and visual events on up to three stages. In addition to an elite production team along with cutting-edge filming equipment and green-screen capabilities, the studio is equipped with our high-end mobile wet lab THE SHARD, a talk show stage, changing rooms, a comfortable lounge, restrooms, and even a kitchen. The studio is located in Cologne. 


We provide the perfect studio environment for plug & play production of high-quality visual content, such as: Surgical Technique Videos, ​Operational Guides, ​Product Demonstrations, Webinars, ​Live Streams​, Scientific Sessions, ​Live TV Shows, ​Hybrid Congresses and Conferences. 

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Live Webinar Video

Conduct a live webinar to demonstrate your products and services while having real-time conversations with surgeons from multiple locations.  Including interactive operational guides, live scientific sessions and virtual events to broadcast worldwide. 

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On-Demand Video

By using our service, you will get the opportunity to showcase your products and applications in a realistic OR setting. Create an in-depth description of product features, test scientific thesis, apply clinical cases and much more inside our high-end film studio. 


Live Event Broadcast 

Experience hybrid event formats by utilizing the latest forms of technology. Broadcast interactive live congresses, events and surgical sessions across the world. With a mix of online and live participants, your events will reach a higher level of user engagement. 

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Mobile lab & services

The CADLAB Mobile services provide solutions for our clients with a high class mobile wet lab equipped with latest technology, aesthetically designed for showcasing your products.​ 


Perform the most advanced scientific demonstrations and make The SHARD​ an integral part of your congress experience, wherever you want.​ 

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