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Introducing The SHARD - the next generation in Mobile Surgical Education

What is the best way to show up? Prepared. That is the axiom with which The SHARD is built upon. This Surgical Education theater on-wheels packs all the best qualities of a normal wet lab facility into a sleekly designed little package. Walking beside world class standards set by Cadlab Cologne, you won’t find a more modern, accessible, and practical option for labs that take place in a Congress/Conference setting than The SHARD.

What is so great about it? We can start with the near 360-degree audience viewing space for procedures. All fitted with X-Ray radiation blocking panes ensuring safe observation. Or worth mentioning is the latest fluoroscopy technology, The SHARD is equipped with the newest CIOS Spin C-Arm from Siemens Healthineers. Limitless branding possibilities, expert trained staff, you name it…

The world is a place of uncertainty at present. However, all can be certain that when normalcy returns you will find a new staple in the Med Ed conference world. Please join us in welcoming the evolution of mobile medical labs: The SHARD. Coming to a Congress near you very soon!

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