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New Construction at Cadlab Cologne

What do you get when you mix a lab, a demolition crew, a few electricians, and a team of planners? You get a fresh new face for The Cadlab at the Bio Campus Cologne in Bocklemünd. The team is removing walls, replacing flooring, and bringing in new technology in efforts to offer an even more comprehensive service portfolio.

Ground was broken in the beginning of February and continues into March as the crew patiently waits for the re-inauguration on the 21st . Cadlab staff is grateful for the patience of surrounding businesses like Biotech company Lonza GmbH who is on the floor directly below the construction.

The various crews and companies have also done a wonderful job working around each other’s schedules and have a very synergistic relationship while they transform the lab space.

As the last day of work approaches, the technical department at the Cadlab is chomping at the bit to restock shelves, reinstall equipment and get the ball rolling again for the clients on this year’s calendar. Is there anything better than that “new-lab” smell?

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